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Ultrasensitive sensor using N-doped graphene

A highly sensitive chemical sensor based on Raman spectroscopy and using nitrogen-doped graphene as a substrate was developed by an international team of researchers working at Penn State. In this case, doping refers to introducing ...

date20 hours ago in Nanomaterials
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Atmospheric chemistry on paper

Normally computers speed up calculations. But with his new pen-and-paper formula Kevin Heng of the University of Bern, Switzerland, gets his results thousands of times faster than using conventional computer codes. The astrophysicist ...

date23 hours ago in Astronomy
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2016 climate trends continue to break records

Two key climate change indicators—global surface temperatures and Arctic sea ice extent—have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and satellite ...

dateJul 19, 2016 in Environment
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Latest Release of COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server Now Available

Version 5.2a delivers a host of user-driven features with new modeling tools to boost computational speed and efficiency of your simulations. Learn more.

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Olympics: Science in the starting blocks

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Scientists, too, are doing their bit to make the Olympic motto real. Here are some potentially performance-boosting discoveries, just in time for the Rio Games:

Volkswagen has emissions-cheating fix ready

Volkswagen's plan to fix most of its 2-liter diesel engines that cheat on emissions tests includes a computer software update and a larger catalytic converter to trap harmful nitrogen oxide, and it may not hurt mileage or ...

Drug targeting BRAF mutation slows thyroid cancer, too
Plant compounds give '1-2' punch to colon cancer
Seattle hospital uses Pokemon Go in patient recovery
Chinese team to pioneer first human CRISPR trial

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Why do consumers participate in 'green' programs?

From recycling to reusing hotel towels, consumers who participate in a company's "green" program are more satisfied with its service, finds a new study co-led by a Michigan State University researcher.

New white paper showcases the future of space robotics

Autonomous robots capable of walking, swimming and climbing, will replicate insects, birds, animals and even humans on future missions of space exploration within decades, according to a new UK-RAS Network white paper led ...

Scientists show how memories are linked in the brain
Bone health as you age
Beware of antioxidants, warns scientific review
Novel compounds arrested epilepsy development in mice
Blood of King Albert I identified after 80 years
For whom the births (and worms) toll
Clock controls junk food appeal
Diagnoses: When are several opinions better than one?

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