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Milky way had a blowout bash six million years ago

The center of the Milky Way galaxy is currently a quiet place where a supermassive black hole slumbers, only occasionally slurping small sips of hydrogen gas. But it wasn't always this way. A new study shows that 6 million ...

date17 hours ago in Astronomy
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Counting down to the new ampere

After it's all over, your lights will be just as bright, and your refrigerator just as cold. But very soon the ampere—the SI base unit of electrical current—will take on an entirely new identity, and NIST scientists are ...

date19 hours ago in Quantum Physics
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Radiologists detect breast cancer in 'blink of an eye'

A new study by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital in collaboration with researchers at the University of York and Leeds in the UK and MD Andersen Cancer Center in Texas puts to the test anecdotes about experienced ...

date12 hours ago in Cancer
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Live Webinar: New Structural Mechanics Features in COMSOL Multiphysics

Learn about the latest functionality for structural mechanics modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics during this free webinar featuring a live demo and Q&A session.

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Anti-whalers enlist fast ship to fight off Japanese

Marine conservationists announced Tuesday they will for the first time be able to outrun the Japanese whaling fleet in the upcoming annual battle to protect the giant mammals in the icy Southern Ocean.

How gay men navigate the corporate world

Recent sociology research at the University of Cincinnati looked closely at the various strategies gay men use to manage both their gendered and sexual identities in the workplace.

How shipping containers are changing infrastructure

We often take for granted our access to vast quantities of inexpensive goods manufactured overseas. And we often overlook the unassuming innovation that has made this global industrial revolution possible: the shipping container.

Race for Facebook data center raises tax-break questions

The race between a small town on the Rio Grande in New Mexico and a Salt Lake City suburb to entice a new Facebook data center with millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies is raising questions about public investments ...

FAA forecast: 600,000 commercial drones within the year

There will be 600,000 commercial drone aircraft operating in the U.S. within the year as the result of new safety rules that opened the skies to them on Monday, according to a Federal Aviation Administration estimate.

The value of the open science movement

Research creates its own problems. Articles may be withdrawn because of irregularities, results can be impossible to reproduce, methods are often non-standardised, and publications may not be accessible (See 'Fixing science', ...

A plus-size challenge to S.Korea's beauty 'norm'
Radiologists detect breast cancer in 'blink of an eye'
Team makes Zika drug breakthrough
Special nerve cells cause goose bumps and nipple erection
A new window to understanding the brain

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Meteorite impact on a nano scale

A meteorite impacting the earth under a grazing angle of incidence can do a lot of damage; it may travel a long way, carving a trench into the ground until it finally penetrates the surface. The impact site may be vaporized, ...

Mylan launching cheaper, generic version of EpiPen
Tight focus on blood sugar narrows options for diabetes
Standing up for weight management
Researchers release global sleep apnoea study
How a particular gene protects against psoriasis
Could the Paleo diet benefit heart health?

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